Tuesday, February 1, 2011

50% off

When times are tough and there’s just not enough money, we look for coupons, sales, and the ever-favorite “buy one, get one free.” We are a nation that loves a good deal. With 50% off here and 33% off there, things we want turn from far too expensive to a great bargain. How many times have you recounted to friends and family the amazing deal where you got more for less? 

Everyday thousands of New Yorkers with a disability face placement in an institution – anursing home, a psychiatric center, or an “employment workshop” that pays people a dollar an hour. However, many of these individuals are unaware of the “Medicaid Waiver,” which lets people get the help they need to remain living in their community. It’s available to some people that need a significant amount of help with things like dressing, cooking, and getting around. And, instead of charging New York around $70,000 a year, it costs more like $15,000. Most people switching to Medicaid Waivers can expect to save New Yorkers at least 50%. 

So if you have friends, neighbors or family members who have Medicaid and are worried about being placed in group homes or nursing homes, it’s time to share with them inside scoop. 

Times are tough in New York. Let’s make sure everyone knows about the 50% off option. 

This is definitely a deal to brag about.


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  1. Wonderful posting -less expensive and inclusive, talk about win-win!